Acrylics, Oils, Mixed Media

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“How did you do that?” is the question Dar hears most often. Her technique of making the bark on trees so realistic that you want to touch them, fascinates people. While she loves to paint forest scenes, her water images and abstract florals reveal the richness of her talent.

At any show or tour, you will hear Dar graciously explaining to guests, exactly how she has created a masterpiece. She shares hers knowledge willingly with other artists.

Her creative spirit knows no bounds. An artist since childhood, she experiments by painting almost anything including her canvases – furniture, leather chairs, fireplaces, tables with sentimental value. She works her magic in acrylics, oils, resins, inks and chalk paints!

Give her a paint brush and she will find a project. Dar is constantly pushing the limits of creativity to discover what can be done with the brushes, palette knives and pots of paint in her studio. She is full of surprises.

As a mentor, Dar inspires her art students to reach deep for the artist that’s inside each of us. Her encouragement is sincere and honest, enabling even beginning painters to progress more than they dreamed of.

Dar’s paintings hang in collections across Canada.
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You can connect with Dar on

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Dar West - painter
Studio & Gallery - 14 Shannon Court, Collingwood, ON L9Y 3Z1
Ph: 705.444.5152
Email: maxwellscabin@hotmail.com
Dar West has been painting all her life but upon retirement in 2002 she gained formal training by attended Halliburton School for the Arts. Having worked only in oils she was challenged to create using acrylics. These, being water based led to the use of mixed media. Her tree series is created on both wood panels as well as canvas using palette knife and heavy texturing.  She continues to explore and experiment, presently using acrylic inks and resin which have evolved into bright and happy impressions of floral. In her latest work you will find the introduction of gold, silver or copper leaf. Her love of nature is apparent  in all her work.
Artist Statement
I have always enjoyed the creative part of being a painter. Seeing how colour, texture and different tools can work together to express various emotions. It is also intriguing to me to interact with others to see and hear how my work is received, interpreted and embraced. I shall always be an painter - It is an expression of me!