What is the Corner House Studio?

The Corner House Studio is open only for the Tour of the Arts in 2022.
This fall the tour is Oct. 1 and 2 from 10-4

I am a photographer using alternative processes involving black and white film.
These processes include contact printing, platinum palladium prints and more recently, photographs printed on metal.

Dar West and Joanne Purchase participated in the spring tour only.
You may contact them using the info on our
About page.

Where is the Corner House Studio?

My 160 year old home is in Thornbury, Ontario, Canada, at the NW corner of Alice St. W and Bruce St. S. You'll see the red and white signs. The address is 70 Bruce St. S.
Weather permitting, you are welcome to visit the gardens.


I am excited to be back after a 2+ year hiatus!
Of course, we all want to be safe.
Since you are entering my home, I expect that you will take the following precautions.
Please mask, sanitize and socially distance.
Visit when it isn't crowded, either before lunch or later in the afternoon.
Please respect all artists on the tour.
I look forward to seeing you.

Cory Stickley