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This botanical study is an example of a platinum palladium handmade print. It was crafted from film in my darkroom, lit only by a yellow lightbulb. The process is intricate. The imported water colour paper is hand coated with the platinum palladium solution, brushed on so that the strokes are visible at the edges of the image. The solution turns yellow when dry and the large negative is centred on the paper and exposed to UV light for a timed period.

At that point, the paper is introduced to the chemical baths that clear the excess platinum solution, then the print is washed to remove chemistry. Prints are air dried on screens before being mounted on archival framing material. like to see the brush strokes but some artists mat up to the edge of the print, no visible brush marks.

This process can now be replicated digitally but it is not nearly as challenging or as much fun. Platinum prints will last for over 200 years.
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