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One of my favourite photos of Architecture from Carcassonne France.. The Basilica looms over the hotel. Look closely and you can read the date of the building. Wander the Place Nazaire, browse the shop windows filled with treasures or "finds" and have a meal at the restaurant. Photo was taken about 7 am, before tourists were allowed through the gates. The city was asleep––quiet except for the delivery vans and some workers. It was magical.
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This is a change from my usual photo subject but how could I resist sharing this with you?

It was April on the farm-lambing season had begun and the mothers and newborns were in the barn on the day I was there. I took rolls and rolls of film…mothers, babies, rams. But I was intrigued with this majestic face. I have forgotten what this breed is named. Is this a Cheviot?

I've been fortunate to visit several sheep farms and the most fun encounter was in the country outside of Thornbury. A friend and I were travelling quiet backroads one afternoon. The landscape was hilly and forested on both sides-no one was around and we were driving fast.

When we rounded the blind corner, there at the bottom of the hill, straddling the road stood fifty or more sheep. Braking quickly, we soon found ourselves surrounded by curious, four legged onlookers who were not willing to move. So we sat and waited. And waited—till they had all crossed the road. The shepherd waved us on.

Watching floppy ears, sheep indecision and listening to the bleating of the flock turned out to be the best adventure that afternoon,