The art of photographing in black and white allows the artist and the viewer to focus on the abstract, the repetition of shapes and shadows without the emotional influence of colour.

Look for bits of black or white and a wide range of grey tones. Under the dark cloth, the image on the camera is upside down and reversed, challenging the photographer to think in abstract terms, not labels.

Words are important and they are powerful. Photography is another way for Cory to express her vision, just as her writing expresses her deep insights into how our unconscious mind controls our actions and thoughts.

The challenge is to translate the technical knowledge into art, both in her photography and her writing. In her book,
The F.I.X. Code, she writes about her time in the darkroom and being interrupted while in the creative zone.

She is a purist when it comes to her photography. She owns digital cameras for convenience but seldom prints from those files, preferring to be in the silence of her darkroom.

One of a few women in Canada using film and large format cameras, several years ago, Cory began to process her photographs in platinum on handmade papers from Japan. She is transitioning to contact printing, without the use of enlargers. Some of her more traditional film photographs are available but the editions will not be reprinted.

Cory’s photographs hang in homes across North America, while her book has been read around the world. Copies of her book are available at the Corner House Studio during the tour.

Contact Cory through this site.


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