What is the Corner House Studio? 

For many years, I have participated in the semi annual Tour of the Arts and local shows.

I am a photographer using alternative processes involving black and white film.
These processes include contact printing, platinum palladium prints and more recently, photographs printed on metal.
I am also a published author and will be posting on this website once my blog is organized. As well, I write content for several social media pages including The FIX Code on FB and IG.

Where is the Corner House Studio?

My 160 year old home is in Thornbury, Ontario, Canada. I'm located on Bruce St. S, surrounded by perennial gardens. The front and side gardens are visible to the public. However, the back garden is private.  I find inspiration in the abundance and chaos of the perennial gardens and the solitude of the backyard garden provides the space for creative planning. It is a great mix.

I do hope to see you for the Studio Tour.

Cory Stickley