Cory Stickley
Photographer and Author
Corner House Studio
70 Bruce St. S,
Thornbury ON N0H 2P0
By Appointment

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Artist Statement

My work is never intellectual. I never make a negative unless emotionally moved by my subject.Edward Weston
Photography has been a lifelong passion–a camera, my constant companion.

A fascination with the intricate subtleties of light and shadow and a love of the natural landscape are strong influences. Black and white photography affords me a creativity and freedom from the emotional impact of colour and allows you, the viewer, a unique response to my art.

Creating with a large format view cameras is a lesson in abstraction as the image is upside down and reversed on the back of the camera. From under the dark cloth, the large cameras allow me to focus on texture, lines, shapes and tones.

Once a common way of photographing has become an alternative process in this technological age. I am fascinated to watch the image emerge from the chemical solution rather than sitting at my computer.

Several years ago, I began working with platinum and palladium chemicals for my contact printing. This technique is almost 200 years old. You will recognize these prints by their brownish colour and often the dark line of residual platinum around the edge of the image.

I dismantled my darkroom for personal reasons. When and if I reopen it, I will be contact printing only, without the use of enlargers. Until such a time, I continue to write.

My short pieces have been in several anthologies and my book, The F.I.X. Code is part memoire, part illustration of how the unconscious mind runs our lives. It is available here, today or on

Many of my photographs on display now are handcrafted platinum-palladium prints on Arches Platine paper, mounted and framed with museum quality material.

Artist’s Bio

What else has influenced my creative work?
I look to the art of photographers like Eugene Atget, Ansel Adams, Edward Weston all of whom created timeless beauty; as well, a love of nature, a lifetime of travel, interesting faces and relationships, foreign landscapes, rocky shorelines and ocean cliffs, archaeological ruins and ancient mountain paths. I take my cameras everywhere!

As for what influences my writing? Everything.